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This grant is for the purchase of much-needed medicines, vaccines and medical supplies for Patas' animal welfare clinic in the Poblado of Puerto Aventuras.


Patas offers free veterinary services for the underprivileged animals of Puerto Aventuras. We strive to control the overpopulation by spaying and neutering as well as treating animals suffering from hunger, injury and disease. Our goal is to teach adults and children of the Poblado humane care and responsibility for their animals.


PATAS was founded in May of 2003 by a small group of Mexican and American volunteers, Vilma Constandse, Lucy De Leon and Kate Lewis that shared a concern for the impoverished animals of the Poblado of Puerto Aventuras. Their hard work and commitment of endless hours educating and volunteering in the clinc has led to much improvement in the lives of literally thousands of animals in the Riviera Maya.

One of the original founders, Vilma Constandse, dedicated a wonderful property and building to this cause, and has underwritten most of the expenses, from medicines to surgery equipment and utilities and has paid the salaries of several helpers to be sure the free clinic is operated consistently and managed properly. Her husband Oscar Constandse has paid for a veterinarian to come every Saturday to perform the much-needed spaying and neutering tremendously lowering the unwanted animal population. To date the clinic has performed approximately 1,500 such surgeries. 

PATAS has been responsible for administering thousands of vaccines and treating as many cases of skin disease, almost eradicating mange completely. A compassionate group of volunteers helps bathe the animals and treat them for common problems such as ticks and skin diseases caused from such parasites indigenous to the area. They also educate the children and their parents regarding proper care and nourishment for their pets. 

The clinic is completely free to the local people and has had a positive impact on the community, raising the quality of life for so many animals. The recent grant from ANAT KAH was a huge help in the effort to have ample surgery supplies and medicines as well as a new piece of equipment to sterilize the surgery tools, allowing PATAS to continue to serve the community and animals in need.  

PATAS is open every Saturday from 9am until 3pm. We are grateful for any new or used dog and cat items including shampoo, towels, collars and leashes and stacks of newspapers, large garbage bags, animal crates and, of course, volunteers. Since we are not a shelter, food donations are appreciated but not needed. We are committed to happy and healthy animals and their owners!

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