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This grant supports FOPA’s computer skills program as well as their monthly rent and maintenance costs.


Friends of Puerto Aventuras offers the opportunity for the young adults and adults of the Puerto Aventuras Poblado to learn the English language and develop computer skills. We believe that these tools of education and training will provide them with lifestyle and occupational options that can command dignity, self-sufficiency and a sense of community.

  • English classes for adults are taught five nights a week from 7 – 10 p.m., Monday through Friday (with the exception of legal holidays).
  • Computer skills classes are taught three times a week from 7 – 9 p.m.
  • The Computer Club is on Monday nights from 7-10 p.m. and provides the students with free computer and internet access.
  • The Library consists of 300 books, providing residents with books in Spanish and is open daily to students and the general public.
  • A list of jobs in the area is published and posted weekly providing a needed link between employers in the area and employees looking for local work.
  • On Wednesday afternoons, a small group of kids meet to lean about Maya culture through stories, art and games.


In the early 1980s, a small area of jungle was cleared and a staff housing unit was built across the highway from Puerto Aventuras. It was a small village with schools and a church. By 1998 Puerto Aventuras was well established as a tourist and vacation home destination. There were by this time 2,000 employees and their families living in the poblado. A few permanent residents became aware that not all was well in the small village community that just grew with no plan, not much administration, not many services and was made up of vulnerable tarpaper and straw shacks. Friends of Puerto Aventuras (F.O.P.A.) was born and its aim was to provide educational opportunities in the poblado. The initial focus was with English classes and working with Mexico's Adult Education Program. The programs being offered were Adult education in Spanish from primary through secondary levels, nightly adult English classes, a small children's English class in the afternoons.  Computer classes were added in 2000.

F.O.P.A. also began advancing programs designed to bring the community together. The children's soccer team has new uniforms. The children's mural was completed, with all the children participating. A jobs list began weekly publication with available employment posted on the bulletin board.

F.O.P.A. has the dynamic ability to change and expand as new needs are recognized in an effort to continue to respond to the needs of the people. Through all of its existence as an organization, F.O.P.A. has been extremely fortunate to have a competent teacher, then administrator and coordinator in Fred Devos, who lives in the poblado, understands the people and continues to work constantly for their welfare. Fred's flexibility is a major factor in the continuing work of this organization.

F.O.P.A. is very thankful and appreciative of the community's support for our programs. For more information about FOPA, visit

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