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Hermanitos decorating Christmas stockings made by local seamstresses out of donated fabric.
Donations In-Kind

Anat Kah welcomes donations of materials and supplies for distribution and use in local schools, programs and other community activities.

Anat Kah can collect and store any items that you wish to donate and will then coordinate with local organizations and schools for their distribution, as appropriate. Some donations that we have received include art supplies, books, used and new clothing and shoes for children games and nonperishable food items. If we receive a donation that you would like to go to a specific group or cause, please let us know and we can arrange that.

Please contact us for more information, or to schedule a donation pick-up.

Donations Needed (as of March 8, 2010)

For youth and adult sports programs in the Poblado of Puerto Aventuras:
Baseball and softball gloves (adult and children's sizes)
Baseball, softball and soccer shoes (adult and children's sizes)
Baseball bats
Gloves, shoes and bats can be brought to Captain Rick's Sport Fishing in the Marina of Puerto Aventuras

For Bolsas Kah bags:
Beads, beads and more beads! (glass, wood, plastic, etc.)  
Colorful beads are the final touch on all Bolsas Kah bags, which are made by local women and sold to benefit the foundation's activities.  

For ˇHermanitos! and Camp Corazones:
Arts and Crafts materials
We welcome and use all sorts of arts and crafts materials, from used magazines (child appropriate, please!) to wallpaper remnants to paints and brushes to popsicle sticks; we will find a way to create art with everything that comes our way! 

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